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9'6" Speed Square (DEMO)

9'6" Speed Square (DEMO)

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9'6" x 23-1/4" x 3-1/8""

Fin Setup: Single Fin
Volume: 75.6L
Resin Tint: Seafoam
Condition: DEMO - Lightly Used and in Great Condition.

Nate's signature noserider, the Speed Square is for those looking for a classic wide-tail log that allows for glorious noseriding but also (in true Nativ style…) keeps a focus on stylish single-fin turns as well.

It features a classic flat noserider profile with a bit of relief in the nose AND a healthy amount of finely tuned tail rocker for lifting the nose and driving off the tail through turns.  A decent single concave in the top half of the board transitions to classic log belly behind center and finally to a rolled-V that flattens out a bit right off the tail. 

Characteristic 60/40ish style rails flow from the nose through the mid-section of the board and transition to a more pinched but still softer 60/40 rail in the tail.  Classic single fin and works well with a variety of different log fins that unlock unique feels.   We recommend the Greenough 4A for keeping things tuned for turns...

Want to tweak this design and make it your own?

Call us at (310) 612-9828 to work with Nate and personalize this model in our custom studio. After a 30 minute design consultation, we'll send you a 3D model of your custom shape, and work with you to make final adjustments. 6-8 weeks later, you'll have your own personalized model in your hands.

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