About Us

We are a group of surfers, designers, and craftsmen specializing in surfboard designs fine-tuned for California’s legendary point and reef style waves.

Our online store and retail partners offer a selection of stock model surfboards and apparel for immediate purchase. In addition, our custom studio offers free consultations and a full-service customization process for creating that perfect board!

More important than our services however is our positive and approachable attitude. We are here to talk you through all of your surf craft needs and share some good vibes along the way! Nativ designs are for riders that appreciate a more stylish and elegant side of surfing. We're all about enjoying the ride!

In the Early Years & Nativ Boardriding Co...

Nate McKeever started shaping surfboards for his brother and friends when he was 15 years old. At that time the shaping/glassing area was a makeshift room in the backyard built out of 2x4’s, tarp, and A LOT of clamps. Many legendary handshapes were crafted and tested during this era and began what would become a life-long passion for surfboard design.

During this same era, disappointment with existing snowboard designs prompted the design and prototyping of a new directional snowboard shape that allowed for a more back-footed surf style of mountain riding. These early designs resulted in the development of the Snowsurf, and the creation of Nativ Boardriding Company as the brand for this product.

Before long, we had secured investment, built a top-notch snowboard manufacturing facility, and began to market our products in the US & Japan. This was an exciting time and during the short 6 years that Nativ Boardriding Company existed, the team developed some great products, videos, and merchandise that are still appreciated and ridden today.

The Revival of Nativ Surf Designs...

During the early Nativ Boardriding years, Nate was introduced to legendary surfboard shaper Casey McCrystal who began shaping boards for the crew and also introduced Nate to the Shape3D surfboard design program. This amazing design tool along with Casey’s mentoring and ability to manufacture and fine-tune the designs allowed Nate to continue his passion for surfboard design throughout the years.

Fast forward and It's been over 12 years now that Nate & Casey have worked together to develop and fine-tune Nativ Surf Designs.

  • Nate McKeever

    Nate has been building surfboards, skateboards, and snowboards since he was 15 years old. He is the creator behind Nativ Surf Designs and focuses his energy on designing custom and stock boards fine-tuned for California’s legendary point and reef style waves. As Head of Design, Nate is your go-to guy for custom orders. Nate lives in Cardiff, CA with his family and the glorious NSD showroom is built in his humble home garage!

  • Nick McKeever

    An excellent surfer and long-time rider for Nativ Surf Designs, Nick has helped countless surfers to improve their surfing skills while also using his digital marketing experience to manage Marketing & Sales for Nativ Surf Designs. When he's not working to promote Nativ Surf Designs, Nick is out surfing the many breaks of Cardiff & Encinitas on his Nativ 'Big Girl' & 'Log Pin' models.

  • Casey McCrystal

    Casey has been shaping and glassing surfboards since 1975. Yep, you read that right. His personal brand, McCrystal Surfboards, has shaped and manufactured boards for ALL types of surfers and his passion for surfboard craftsmanship continues to grow. In addition, Casey has been a steadfast mentor and the Manufacturing Guru for Nativ Surf Designs throughout the years. In addition to helping fine-tune designs, Casey is the man behind the top-quality manufacturing of every board.