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6'4" Sweet Lady (DEMO)

6'4" Sweet Lady (DEMO)

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6'4" x 21-5/8" x 2-13/16"

Fin Setup: 2 + 1
Tint: Sky Blue
DEMO - Great Condition

I’ll be honest, I’m a wide-tail guy... But some days a little extra length and a pulled-in tail are preferred. The Sweet Lady was developed as a well-rounded design that provides a happy balance between smooth trim/glide and “pulled-in tail” performance mid-length surfing.  This is a very versatile design and performs well in small/mid size waves and holds its own on the larger days as well...

Outline has a bit of extra width and a wide point pulled forward with a pulled-in nose that tapers back to either an 8.25” tail block.   The back rail carries width back and flows nicely with a healthy amount of curve in the tail. Rocker is low in the nose and moderate with a nice gradual curve in the tail.  She features very subtle tri-plane hull bottom contours with single concave under the chest transitioning to double concave V and slight TPH panels running through the center of the board.  These contours allow for smooth trim/glide along the mid/upper sections of the board BUT a more performance feel in the tail.  Rocker apex and COM are also pulled back to promote a back-footed and skaty feel in the tail despite the length. We offer this design with a variety of different tail shapes and fin set-up options. Tail shapes include everything from a round tail to a swallow tail, with a squash or round tail being the standard.  Depending on the tail shape we can tune things for single fin, 2+1, twin, or thruster...

Want to tweak this design and make it your own?

Call us at (310) 612-9828 to work with Nate and personalize this model in our custom studio. After a 30 minute design consultation, we'll send you a 3D model of your custom shape, and work with you to make final adjustments. 6-8 weeks later, you'll have your own personalized model in your hands.

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