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6'10" Shred Sled (DEMO)

6'10" Shred Sled (DEMO)

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6'10" x 22" x 2-3/4"

Fin Setup: Twin
Volume: 50L
Tint: Clear
Condition: New

The only thing better than the Big Girl...the Shred Sled.  This model takes our Big Girl design a big step closer to the fun board and mini-log realms. 

As with the original Big Girl, this design is rooted in the Simmons style legacy and offers a unique fusion of smooth trim/glide and square tail “Simmons style” carving.  

It features a wider nose outline than its counterpart and carries that width back to a pulled-back hip that tapers slightly to the characteristic 13” wide square tail.  Low Rocker in the nose transitions to moderate smooth flowing rocker in the tail.  Thickness is carried back through the tail with a beefy 1.25” thick tail block that keeps COM pulled back and maintains that unique skaty Simmons feel of the Big Girl on this longer board. 

IN terms of bottom contours, it features a single concave that carries back slightly behind center and transitions to rolled-V (with some extra bite on rails) out the tail.  Forgiving 60/40 rails flow from the nose through the mid-section of the board to promote trim/glide but then transition to a mildly sharp but thicker rail in the tail. 

The fin set-up for this wide-tail beast is a radically pulled-back twin setup.  We design this for either a mid-base more upright style keep or a more standard twin setup as well.  This setup can confuse people at first sight but IT WORKS and allows for a unique combo of glide and turnability that feels like a log crossed with a Mini-Simmons crossed with a twiny shortboard.  If that makes any sense lol.... 

You gotta ride it to believe it so come demo this beast ASAP!

Want to tweak this design and make it your own?

Call us at (310) 612-9828 to work with Nate and personalize this model in our custom studio. After a 30 minute design consultation, we'll send you a 3D model of your custom shape, and work with you to make final adjustments. 6-8 weeks later, you'll have your own personalized model in your hands.

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