Stub Shorty

Stub Shorty

The Stub Shorty is our attempt to get as close as possible to the shortboard realm while still maintaining the full-volume casual feel that we love here at NSD.  This model runs on the shorter, wider and fuller volume side of the shortboard spectrum and works great in a variety of small to midsize waves. 

Width is pulled back slightly in the outline with a nice hip in the mid-tail that transitions to a pulled-in 8.5” squash tail (diamond tail is also great with this shape!).  Rocker is low in the nose and low/moderate in the tail with a nice kick right off the tail that loosens things up a bit.  FOIL is flat in the nose to single concave in the chest to double concave out the tail.  FOIL also features slightly softened/paneled rails running from the hip section through the nose to provide a softer and forgiving feel in the front half of the board. COM is pulled back behind center a bit and along with everything else promotes a “back-footed” shorty that really drives off the tail and loves the pocket. Our standard fin set-up for this model is the thruster but the quad (or 5-fin) option works as well for a bit of a looser feel.

In general, this model is designed for those looking to channel their inner shortboarder on smaller to midsize days without compromising the full-volume leisure feel of a beefier board. 

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