Mid Fish

Mid Fish

The Mid Fish is our take on another classic design with its roots in the Bob Simmons legacy.  It is inspired by the "Simmons-style" fish designs of legendary San Diego shapers like Skip Frye and many others. 

The Mid Fish features a classic wide and straight outline through the mid/tail of the board with a pulled-in nose and characteristic 10” wide tail block.  The swallow tail is on the shallower side and allows for riding with drivier fin set-ups like a thruster or 2+1.  A pulled-in single concave under the chest transitions to a mellow rolled-V in the tail with characteristic 60/40ish style rails flowing from nose to tail. 

True to the Simmons legacy, volume is balanced at just above center and keeps the focus on driving from the tail.  Our standard fin set-up for this model is the 5-fin (or 4+1) that allows for riding as a thruster or quad.  The thruster has a driver and more powerful feel while the quad offers a faster and looser ride.  Both options are EPIC and unlock different feels when trimming and cranking giant power turns at your favorite reef or point break. 

In general, this model is for those looking for a finely tuned mid-length fish that allows for smooth trim/glide along with the back-footed drivy feel of a shorter and wider fish.

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