Sweet Lady

Sweet Lady

I’ll be honest, I’m a wide-tail guy... But some days a little extra length and a pulled-in tail are preferred. The Sweet Lady was developed as a well-rounded mid-length to provide a happy balance between smooth trim/glide and “pulled-in tail” performance mid-length surfing.

Outline has the wide point pulled forward with a pulled-in nose that tapers back to an 8.25” tail block. The back rail carries width back and flows nicely with a healthy amount of curve in the tail. Rocker is low in the nose and moderate with a nice gradual curve in the tail. In terms of bottom contours, slightly softened rails in the nose transition to single concave in the chest and then to double concave V in the tail. Rails in the chest also have a decent panel and blend into the slightly softened nose to promote smooth trim/glide along the mid/upper sections of the board. Balancing out the outline, the rocker apex and volume are pulled back to promote a back-footed and responsive feel despite the length. We offer this design with a variety of different tail shapes and fin set-up options. Tail shapes include everything from a round tail to a swallow tail, with a diamond tail being the standard. Depending on the tail shape we can tune things for your preferred fin setup, unlocking different feels for trimming or cranking power turns.

In general, this model is for those looking for a well-rounded mid-length that allows for a balance between smooth trim/glide and performance back-footed surfing in a variety of different conditions.

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