Named in memory of the most LEGENDARY Maine Coon Cat EVER, Stanley offers a beautiful fusion of log and fish riding.

The wide-point is pulled forward on the outline and features a pulled-in nose, a nice straight rail through the mid section, and a decent hip in the tail that ends with a 10” wide swallow tail. It has a modified log profile with low flat rocker through the nose and mid section, a bit of extra rocker in the nose tip for versatility, and a moderate amount of smooth flowing tail rocker. For the bottom contours, a deep single concave runs from nose through the mid section and transitions to a mellow double concave through the fins and V off the tail tip. 60/40 panel rails run from the nose to above the hip and transition to a harder fish-style rail with some nice bite. Single concave combined with the panel rails creates an epic blend of lift and glide in the mid/nose of the board. In terms of FOIL, the rocker apex is pulled back quite a bit to give it a more "skatey" feel but volume is balanced overall for a Simmons style blend of tail drive and trim. The standard fin set-up for this beauty is a pulled-back twin keel but a 5-fin setup for a thruster or quad option is also fun with some slight modifications to tail shape.

In general, this model is for those looking for hybrid log/fish design that combines the casual glide/trim of log riding with the stylish rail-to-rail carving style of fish surfing.

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