Speed Square

Speed Square

Our take on a classic California pig-style noserider, this beauty thrives in smaller reef/point surf and is perfect for those looking to noseride but also power through steezy cutbacks and drop-knee turns.

The wide point is pulled back considerably in the outline and features a rounded but slightly pulled-in nose, a nice curvy hip in the tail, and a beefy 9” wide tail block. It features a classic flat noserider profile with a bit of relief in the nose AND an aggressive amount of finely tuned tail rocker for lifting the nose and driving off the tail/hip during stylish turns. Rocker APEX is pulled back to emphasize the flat planing rocker in the mid/nose while also providing a nice shortened rocker curve in the tail/hip area for driving through those steezy turns. A decent single concave runs from the nose to the mid-section and transitions to classic log belly under the chest and finally to a rolled-V that flattens out a bit right off the tail. Characteristic 60/40ish rails flow from the nose through the mid-section of the board and transition to a more pinched and softened rail in the tail. Comes standard as a single fin and works well with a variety of different log fins but we recommend a larger flex fin to emphasize its turnability.  

In general, this model is for those looking for a classic wide-tail noserider that allows for glorious noseriding but also (in true Nativ style…) keeps a focus on stylish single-fin turns as well.

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