SD Fish

SD Fish

The SD Fish is our take on a classic San Diego fish style design. Though a somewhat versatile shape, it thrives primarily in cleaner reef/point waves in both summer and winter conditions.

It features a classic wide fish outline with just the right amount of width in the nose and transitions to an 11” wide swallow tail (~4-5” Deep). Rail outline in the tail has a bit more curve/hip than a classic straight rail fish but adds a nice dose of versatility. A mellow single concave under the chest transitions to rolled-V out the tail with a hint of paneling in the rails of the nose & chest to loosen things up on rail. Volume is fairly balanced with a COM just slightly above center for a classic fish feel. We make this model in both a twin-keel and quad fin option. When deciding on your fin set-up, it really depends on the balance between turn and glide that the rider is looking for. If your focus is driving through carves and power turns with a bit more of a top-to-bottom feel then the quad set-up is best for you. If your focus is more to go SUPER fast, glide down the line, and do some gentle cutbacks then the keel fin is the right call! That said, a keel-fin setup on a fast and steep point wave can give ample drive so it also depends on the wave.

In general, this model is designed for those who embrace the wide-tail fish style of riding and are looking for a versatile but still classic fish for their favorite reef, point, or beach break.

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