Log Pin

Log Pin

Another downright naughty noserider… The Log Pin represents the other end of the spectrum from our Speed Square model and is a versatile pin-tail noserider that thrives in a variety of small to midsize waves.

Wide point is pulled forward in the outline with healthy width in the nose and transitions a nice straight mid-section that carries width back quite a bit and tapers nicely into a girthy pin tail. It features a classic flat noserider profile with low rocker in the nose and low/moderate rocker in the tail. Rocker APEX is pulled back to emphasize the flat planing rocker in the mid/nose while also providing a nice shortened rocker curve in the tail for turning and driving off the tail when needed. In terms of bottom contours, a decent scoop in the nose transitions to classic belly under the chest and finally to a rolled-V out the tail. Rails in the nose and mid-section are in the 55/45 range and transition to a more pinched and slightly turned up rail in the tail. Comes standard with a 10.5” classic single fin box and works well with a variety of different log fins that unlock unique feels.

In general, this model is for those looking for a versatile single-fin noserider that will work year-round in a variety of waves and provide the classic smooth log feel that all smitten longboarders crave.

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