Big Girl

Big Girl

The Original...The Legend...The Big Girl.  

This full-volume square tail design is rooted in the Simmons style legacy and can best be described as a fusion between a Mini-Simmons and a groveler shortboard. This model is perfect for drawing smooth lines at California’s more punchy summer point and reef breaks. It features a wide outline with a pulled-in nose and characteristic 12.75” tail block. A decent single concave with paneled/softened rails runs from tip to tail for an epic combination of drive, speed, and smooth rail trimming.

 In true Simmons style, volume is balanced just behind center and promotes a delicate balance between glide and drive. The classic quad set-up combined with all the above gives the board a unique performance feel that allows smooth carving and BIG open-face power turns. In addition, the wide square tail and quad set-up generate LOTS of speed very quickly making those faster sections and late take-offs a breeze.

In general, this model is designed for faster reefs/points and those who appreciate the smooth and stylish side of wide-tail fish riding but still want the drive and top-to-bottom performance of a more responsive board.

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