Shitty name….RAD board! The APF stands for All Purpose Fun and true to its name it is a versatile, forgiving, and totally shreddable fusion of longboard and mid-length design.

Originally developed for beginners that were looking to transition from a soft top to their first "real board," we realized during testing that this was a great board for experienced riders as well. It features a classic wide outline that keeps its width in the nose and tapers into a pulled-in and versatile squash tail. The rocker profile is a fusion between our log and mid-length designs with a little flip in the nose that transitions to a flatter log style rocker through the mid section for trim/glide, and moderate smooth flowing rocker in the tail. 

In terms of bottom contours, a decent single concave flows from the nose through the mid-section and transitions to double concave V out the tail. Distinctly paneled rails also flow from the nose through the mid-section of the board to promote trim/glide but then transition to a harder and sharper rail in the tail. The standard fin set-up is the 2+1 but a thruster or quad set-up is also very common!

In general, this model is a great option for both beginners and experienced surfers that are looking for an all-purpose fusion of longboard, mid-length, and shortboard concepts into one GLORIOUS package.

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