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5'9" SD Fish (DEMO)

5'9" SD Fish (DEMO)

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5'9" x 21-5/8" x 2-3/4"

Fin Setup: Quad - Futures
Volume: 38.2L
Condition: DEMO - Good Condition

UPDATED for 2023! - The SD Fish is classic fuller volume fish that allows for a simpler and more elegant style in a variety of different waves.  That said, updates to bottom contours, rocker, and rails have added more responsiveness and drive.  This is a versatile design that thrives best in reef/point breaks in both summer and winter conditions.  It features a classic wide fish outline with a pulled-in nose and 11.5” wide swallow tail (~5” Deep).  

Updated bottom contours for 2023 are flat with slightly turned up rails in the nose to single concave under the chest to rolled-V in the tail.  Rails are mid-pinch and softened nicely in the top half of the board   Volume is also balanced just behind center to promote a healthy combo of glide and tail-drive.  We offer this model as a twin keel (with trailer option as well) or quad.  The twin keel is the faster and more glide oriented option, but it does require more sensitivity on rail and wants to draw things out a bit more.  If you're looking for a bit more drive and top-to-bottom performance, then the quad setup is the call!!

Want to tweak this design and make it your own?

Call us at (310) 612-9828 to work with Nate and personalize this model in our custom studio. After a 30 minute design consultation, we'll send you a 3D model of your custom shape, and work with you to make final adjustments. 6-8 weeks later, you'll have your own personalized model in your hands.

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