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5'8" SD Fish

5'8" SD Fish

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5'8" x 21.5" x 2.75"

Fin Setup: Twin Keel
Volume: 40.1L
Condition: New

The SD Fish is our take on the classic fish style design originally developed in San Diego California.  It is a versatile design that thrives in reef/point breaks in both summer and winter conditions.  It features a classic wide fish outline with a pulled-in nose and 12” wide swallow tail (~4-5” Deep).  

A mellow single concave under the chest transitions to straight-V out the tail with slight 60/40’d rails under the chest.   Volume is also fairly balanced with a COM just a bit above center that promotes both glide and tail-drive.  Our standard fin set-up for this model is a twin keel that represents the smoothest and fastest feel and also allows for big open-face carving turns and cut-backs. 

If you're looking for a bit more drive and top-to-bottom control/performance, a quad set-up also works very well for this design!  In general, this model is designed for those looking for a classic fuller volume fish that allows for a simpler and more elegant style in a variety of different waves.  If you are a longboarder looking to transition to a shorter board than the SD Fish is a great option!

Want to tweak this design and make it your own?

Call us at (310) 612-9828 to work with Nate and personalize this model in our custom studio. After a 30 minute design consultation, we'll send you a 3D model of your custom shape, and work with you to make final adjustments. 6-8 weeks later, you'll have your own personalized model in your hands.

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